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fosfor wheels | November 16, 2018

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Honda Accord 2009

February 12, 2008 |

Honda Accord 2009

4 March, 2008, at the Geneva Motor Show is the big day for Honda as they will debut the new Honda Accord model. The goal is to challange the established premium contenders in the D-segment – and they have a good chance in doing just that. The new models will hit the stores in early summer. More photos and information after the link.

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Honda S2000 Type S

October 24, 2007 |

Honda S2000 Type S

Another model that makes it debut on the Tokyo Motor Show is the beautiful Honda S2000 Type S. Tuningnews has published a nice gallery of 30 photos (not from the show though). The news with the Type-S is some new aerodynamics, the stiffer suspension and increased rigidity. The engine is the same 237 hp six-speed manual though.

Tokyo Motor Show: Honda S2000 Type S []

Honda Civic Si vs VW GTI

May 4, 2006 |

Honda Civic Si vs VW GTI
Two classic sport compacts go head to head in this article over at AutoWeek. I personally would prefer having the VW GTI.

The VW won the drag race, but the Honda tucked neatly into its draft and when the corners arrived, pulled away both statistically and subjectively. So when the Pomona dust settled to the ground – literally – the Civic Si emerged on top.

Double Take: VW GTI vs. Honda Civic Si []

Honda Fit Sport – review

April 29, 2006 |

Honda Fit Sport
Today the car site ‘The truth about cars’ published a review of the new small car from Honda – the Honda Fit Sport, and they seem to like it:

“With the word “four bucks a gallon” passing network anchors’ powdered lips, plenty of people are thinking about working out of their gas-guzzler. The new Honda Fit is a relatively painless vehicle for drivers looking to shape up and ship out, or people who just want a decent cheap car. All you have to give up is your pretentious classicism. Well, that and your full-size spare tire. Summary: Another winner. From Honda.

Honda Fit Sport – review []

Civic, Golf GTI & Mini Cooper S

April 25, 2006 |

Honda Civic, Golf GTI & Mini Cooper S
Road & Track have published a great 6 page article called Battle of the badge: Honda Civic Si vs. Mini Cooper S vs. Volkswagen GTI. It’s a quite close race but the final victory goes to the Volkswagen GTI.

Honda Civic Si vs. Mini Cooper S vs. Volkswagen GTI [Road & Track]

Cool Honda Civic commercial

January 15, 2006 |

Snap from the new Honda Civic commercial
This new commercial for the Honda Civic is really unique and cool. You can also find a neat behind-the-scenes video. Skip the intro and go right to the ‘Watch’-button.

Honda Civic minisite []
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